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Care Supports and Business Consultation Services

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  • thePrayerTalk Weight-Loss Challenge Care Support

    A comprehensive 8-weeks weight-loss guided program designed to help you work towards fitness goals. We have found that it’s not just about loosing weight, it’s most importantly about maintaining the lost weight. Through this program, you’ll learn the importance of accepting self as is, connecting spiritually deeper for self-support and will power, while gaining effective ways of improving daily meal intakes, learning to make meals more healthy, tasty and nutritious, tailoring to your current needs and lifestyle, guiltlessly. Available on an individual one-on-one basis or through group sessions. With weekly self-assessments, scheduled exercises, structural and Spiritual guidance along the way, you can expect meaningful habitual changes, in just eight weeks, that prepare the pathway to work on maintaining desired goal weight.
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  • Depression, mental health, psychology therapy
  • Life Begins With LOVE Care Support

    We Provide Care Support and Spiritual Growth For:
    Loving ThySelf. In the Christian world, Jesus’ second greatest commandment is to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt 22:39). Loving self is very important because you cannot truly be obedient to this commandment without Self-Love. When there’s self-love, deep appreciation and respect for self abound, from which you recognizes own worth, value self, and treat self with kindness and compassion. With this self-love, you can then transcend to love others and handle most issues and concerns of life.
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  • Marriage/ Relationship Care Support

    With 24 years (and counting, In His Grace) of marriage experience as the founder’s pillars and higher guidance from The Creator’s Words, TheBible, this service is dedicated to helping couples succeed in creating deeper connections that could last a lifetime. Take advantage of a personalized support so you can respect, accept, and come to appreciate your relationship, understanding that every relationship is unique and should never be compared to another, be it that of a neighbor’s, friend’s or sibling’s, etc.; rather, you will learn how to nurture and pray for own relationship, giving purposeful, non-competitive love, respecting individual needs and space while still in the togetherness, giving intentional care that help build an unshakable foundation for a lifelong satiation… happiness. Excellent for all couples, especially NEW couples navigating through the unknown terrain, coming into it with lots of expectations or those already experiencing mid-life crisis that make or brake, which can hit the years of friendship and bonds like never before, whether welcomed or not. Every couple has immense potential for growth and success – let’s unlock it! Schedule a session for just you and/or your Best-Half. Also watch out from time to time to join our Focus Group classes.
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  • husband comforting his wife with cancer
  • Coping With Cancer: A Time for MORE of God & Love Care Support

    A service designed to offer compassionate support and love care support to anyone who is experiencing a “Dis-Ease,” at an individual or group level. We understand that during difficult times, limiting loneliness, feeling loved and accepted is essential to healing and growth. This service is dedicated to providing individuals with opportunity to have someone you can trust, listen and provide to you comforting words and spiritual guidance so needed in times of hardship. We offer a secure space where people can be heard, understood, embraced with love and prayed for– all while being supported on their journey toward acceptance of current fate in life, incorporating prayers and good nutritions for hope and healing, being encouraged for growth in the knowledge of YahNweh or being at peace for a gradual exiting to heavenly return. Through prayerful guidance from God’s Word, we are committed to helping each person take steps toward renewed hope for life’s toughest terminal ailments or issues and concerns.
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  • Faith-Driven Corporate Praiseaerobics Services

    Experience what we call Praiseaerobics: An inspiring King David’s type of dance to Songs of Praises that knocks open the Heaven’s Gate for answers to prayers. Adopting more Spiritual mindset by incorporating PRAYER and Songs of Praises into any business event can promote happier employees and non-toxic work environment. Praiseaerobics are excellent at start or end of each work events such as before sales meetings, corporate meetings, seminars, workshops, convention programs, holiday party, and other organizational events. Infusing Spirituality into business activities can make work more exciting, enhance morale, productivity, and achievement of overall success that leads to possible attainment of work-life balance.
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  • Faith-Driven Management Consultation Services

    Together with Prayerful Petitions, we provide faith-based support and guidance to businesses and organizations of all types and sizes needing to improve business operations and management. Based on founder’s past experiences, we follow up after prayers with provision of either direct or advisory assistance for the management of your new business venture, project or special event. To book this service, please give a detailed description of your business needs, including any third-party involvement and expected date of service delivery.
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  • Faith-Driven TalkShow of Your Event, Hosting or Speaking Engagement Services

    With opening and closing prayers, allow us to help you capture additional memories of your next event in the most creative and fun-loving LifeStyle video talkshow. We will help you identify your personal branding and the storyline we can focus on; then we’ll interview you and your event attendees before and/or only on the day of event. To book this section,  please indicate whether you want a talkshow of your event, hosting of your show or speaking engagement service, including the topic you will like us to speak about as well as give a detailed description of your upcoming event, including any third-party involvement and date of event.
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