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Company History

thePrayerTalk was founded in 2020 out of a deep desire to inspire hope and offer a source of comfort during a time of unprecedented crisis. The world was grappling with the COVID19Pandemic, the BlackLivesMatter movement, the EndSARS protests and USelection2020, all which threw lives out of normal, with many feeling overwhelmed, disheartened, and for some, lead to mental health crisis. It was during this time that the founder, Chinwe Lebechi, realized the need for a platform that offers an avenue to talk things out and PRAY over it, encouraging the need to bring TheCreator/God in every aspects of life, rendering solace, encouragement, and education through the platforms ‘Faith-Inspired’ services to people who were struggling to make sense of the world rapidly changing in more ways can ever imagine.

What began as a small spark of inspiration has blossomed into an international success story, full of various array of care supports and business services infused with faith. With the message of taking charge of self (mind, body and soul) and creating positive spiritual changes, thePrayerTalk’s groundbreaking mission resonated with people worldwide – sparking hope for those seeking to empower themselves. We have since become a beacon leading individuals towards creating better lives and communities, embracing our challenges knowing there’s growth in the end and diversities with more LOVE and intentional inclusivity.

Finding Purpose and Fulfillment Through Faith
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All About Chinwe Lebechi

Meet Chinwe Lebechi, a former Stay-at-Home Mom from Chicago, IL, who flawlessly handled the two largest world’s oldest full-time jobs of Housewife and ElderCare. Prior to moving to Chicago, IL, Chinwe Lebechi worked as a Sr. Financial Analyst at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, leading financial analysis and the collection of data for financial reporting on the $200B Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program, on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD), using Earned Value Management System (EVMS). Ms. Lebechi is a versatile and skilled multi-tasker as a Stay-at-Home Mom who juggled numerous roles as the Household CEO and Director of Child Development, Accountant, Teacher, Chef, Event Planner, Housekeeper, Chauffeur, ElderCare, and much more. With her innate love, care, patience, and selflessness, she exemplified the true essence of these unpaid labor enterprises, with her exceptional skills worth an estimated $198k-$275k per year.

Ms. Lebechi knows what it takes to provide care supports. With selfless devotion and undying love, she cared for her grandmother 24/7 – including taking her to medical appointments and outdoor siteseeings to help her feel still alive, giving baths, changing sheets frequently and turning her during over nights to prevent bed sores. In the later years of life when feeding needs changed drastically through a G-Tube insertion, again with great affection she ensured proper nutrition was maintained as part of her grandmother’s daily routine. This same incredible commitment overflowed into caring for both parents–in-law, giving care to both in her own home after her grandma returns to heavenly home and until both parents—in-law passing, providing not just physical but also emotional comfort along each stage of their end of life journey, navigating old age, ailments and all that elder years fatefully had to offer.

Giving the same dedication, with huge love and deep care for life and humanity, Ms Lebechi assisted her beloved husband in co-founding and growing his thriving medical practice start-up (Doctors Unlimited Service Corporation), which involved her coordinating and hiring construction workers/contractors to implement build-outs, reconstructing rooms and furnishing rooms to attract patients and insurance payers. She managed all aspects of operations, finances, and staff, leading and mentoring a team of five (5) diverse and dedicated direct reports, as well as clinical rotation students, interns, externs, and volunteers. The position afforded her more exposures in business operations/management and to healthcare services and management standards, including knowledge of how a clinic practice interacts with its major affiliated hospitals, health insurance companies and government regulations and compliance requirements, all which helped her shift Doctors Unlimited from paper-only processing method to the use of an electronic medical record system (EMR), improving billings and collections, patient record keeping, communications and marketing to patients.

Ms Lebechi is also an active community volunteer. As a board member of the Elders Council of Dominican University (DomU), she played an instrumental role in increasing scholarship fundraising from $0 to $33K. She achieved this by assisting in the coordination of the African Cultural and Music Festival, where she also served as one of the hosts/MCs, showcasing her excellent organizational and public speaking skills.

In addition to her family, work and community responsibilities, Ms. Lebechi also values a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys eating well and exercising regularly, particularly running. She has completed the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, in 2017, 2018 and 2019 consecutively. Ms. Lebechi also prioritizes her spiritual well-being and is actively involved in or hosting Bible study groups, having even completed the “Bible in one year” programs many times, under mapped out schedules for reading the Bible cover to cover within a year under each program.

Ms. Lebechi attributes her personal and professional success stories to her faith in God and family’s unwavering support. She remains determined to inspire others and demonstrate that with self- determination and faith, one can achieve anything they aspire to be, do, or have.


Our vision is to give a special importance to the need of adding prayer in life which contributes significantly to achieving work/life balance, while creating a global community that engages in open and honest discussions about the issues and concerns shaping our world and our lives through thePrayerTalk Talkshow and Programs. We are convinced that by inviting God into our conversations/our daily lives, we can tap into higher wisdom and guidance to help us navigate our time’s complex challenges

At the heart of our vision is a commitment to prayer and spiritual reflection. We believe that by inviting God into our conversations/our daily lives, we can tap into higher wisdom and guidance to help us navigate our time’s complex challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to highlight and encourage respect for the beauty and diversity in Creations – be it in the animal kingdom or humanity as a whole – people, cultures, traditions, and values. Through our platform, we strive to act as a voice for those who too often go unheard, amplifying stories, care support programs and business services from communities that can connect with global audiences on an inspiring and insightful levels. We want to bring attention not just to what is beautiful but also shine light on challenges (common and specific) faced by people every day to promote their genuine well-being around the world, emphasising the importance of expanding our Spirituality that goes a long way in achieving greater Life/Work balance.

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